WelcomeTo CIO

Children Islamic Organisation is an institute for children. It has recreation, as well as education and grooming. It provides a beautiful opportunity for kids to mix up with each other. It is a place where they can forge friendships and learn leadership skills, develop empathy and learn how to be kind and helpful, practice social work and allow their innumerable talents to bloom and develop

CIO has been established to tug children away from loneliness and the digital talisman, and to introduce them to the real world, where they can see real dreams and realize them. Here, programs are designed according to the kids’ age and nature. They are given practical assignments to perform, all the while taking into consideration their needs and requirements.

A Children’s Organisation with their own Leaders

CIO is a Children’s Organisation Children aged 5-14 can become members

it is completely run by kids

All activities are conducted by kids

Adults act as guides and mentors.

CIO Flag Launching